Best Skin Care Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Best Skin care routine for acne prone skin

Who doesn’t desire for an acne free smooth face? It is like a bad headache and a big tension in our life. Moreover, this is itchy and leaves scars in the face which are traumatic. Removing this problem is the biggest task. If you have an oily or sensitive pattern, you need to maintain it carefully. Explore the best skin care routine for acne prone skin from this article.

Acne prone appearance feels like a curse but if you maintain it properly with a routine that is suggested by the experts, it will be healthy and there won’t be any scar or spot. Follow our routine to skip this problem in a tricky way. You have to know your skin type first. Without knowing the type, you can proceed to any step. That can be dangerous. The steps of maintaining an acne prone face are given below.

Know Your Skin Type

First of all you should know your pattern. Now the question may arrive: how will you know that? Well , that is not tough. If you notice oily and greasyness after waking up, then you have an oily face. Having a rough, dry and itchy pattern indicates that you have a dry one. If you notice itchiness and a rash appears sometimes, your face is sensitive then. Having oily vibe on the ‘T’ zone and dryness on cheeks indicates that you have combined one and normal face has no oily or dry appearance.

Acne Types

When oil releases too much or pores get clogged due to dry cell accumulation and bacterial inflammation, then you may notice a massive breakout on your face. There are many types of acne such as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne etc. They all are terrifying. When there are small white bumps, they are whiteheads and black bumps are blackheads. Pimples are red bumps with inflammation and cystic ones are painful. Cystic ones feel like marbles under the epidermis. To prevent acne, follow a suitable routine. Here you are gonna have a convenient one. Keep reading.

Cleanse Properly

Before applying any product, cleaning the face is mandatory. Use a mild cleanser with your tips and rub gently. Be very kind while doing that. Make sure your face is cleaned properly. Don’t be harsh. Avoid popping or picking. Rub for 1-2 minutes and then wash away with clean normal water. Apply the cleanser twice a day. It is better to wash your face in the morning and night. For mild breakouts, an OTC wash can be a good choice. Choose a cleanser that suits you. Cleanse after sweating as well. If you wear makeup, then remove the make up first and cleanse twice at night.

Apply Toner

Toner removes excessive oil magically and hydrates well. So it is useful for any type of face. Choose a toner according to your face pattern. Look for alcohol free toner if you feel inflammation, irritation or extreme dryness. Astringents are the best for oily and greasy patterns.

Use an Acne Treatment Cream

If you are having a breakout, you must apply a treatment cream prescribed by an expert dermatologist. Dry the toner first and then use the cream gently. Apply the exact amount you need and be cautious on the breakout points.

Moisturize Properly

Even oily patterns need moisturization. Sounds weird? Yeah you heard it right. Sometimes acne creams make dryness and it may start peeling off. All of the moisturizers are not greasy. There are a lot of them available for oily skin types. Use the ones which are oil-free and don’t clog the pores at all. This is a vital step and don’t skip it.

Use a Sunscreen Cream

After exfoliating or applying the acne cream may make your face photosensitive. So you must use a sunscreen cream to protect from UV rays and tanning. Some moisturizers contain SPF but some of them don’t. If your moisturizer contains SPF, you can skip this step. But if you use a basic moisturizer, then it is a mandatory step. Try to use aromaless products always.

Wrap Up

So now you have learnt the best skin care routine for acne prone skin. This is the most basic thing and our experts suggested this very simple method so you can continue it easily even on hectic days. Hope you will find it useful. Let us know your experiences after trying it. Don’t forget to comment below .Have a good day!