Main Causes of Stroke for Your Health

Main Causes of Stroke

Now-a-days people are often dying because of stroke. Most of the people don’t even know the causes of stroke and lead an unbalanced life. They randomly take food enriched with bad cholesterol and junk foods which are extremely unhealthy. Most of the people do not maintain a healthy diet plan and their lifestyle leads them to danger.

Recently it has become one of the most common reasons for death. But still there is a lack of awareness among people to prevent death and disability from this. Life becomes a curse when anyone gets disabled due to this reason. No one wants that miserable life. 

That’s why everyone should know the causes and risk factors so that they can be conscious about the consequences. If you are searching for the reasons, then  you have come to the right place. Here you will get all the answers to your inquiries about causes of all types of this dangerous medical emergency.


A medical emergency when there is a  blockage in your artery or fatty elements blocks your blood vessels or the vessels in your brain bursts somehow, then is considered as a stroke.It is a life threatening condition which may damage the brain or a part of the brain or disability for a long time or even death. So, the patient should be under medical observation as soon as possible.

Causes of Different types of Stroke

There are many types and their causes are also different. To maintain the precautions perfectly, you must know the reasons.

Reasons of Ischemic Attack

This happens when you have a clogged artery or any blockage in the vessel. It also happens when there is a lack of oxygen in the blood flow in the vessel. Brain cells die quickly if they do not get enough oxygen. As a result, this medical emergency  happens. If fatty elements narrow the way of the flow in your artery vessel, then there is a higher possibility of having this medical condition. Even covid-19 infarction can also be the cause of ischemic stroke.

Reasons of Haemorrhagic Attack

This happens when there is bleeding inside or around the brain nerves due to any leakage at the blood vessel or any vessel bursts on the skull. Main reason is mostly high blood pressure. If any vessel expands like a balloon or there are abnormal vessels, then there can be hemorrhagic stroke too. Ruptures can also be responsible for this. It is a less happening type but it can be fatal.

Reasons of Mini Stroke/TIA

This is another type which does not last longer. It also happens when the oxygen flow faces a barrier like fatty build ups or debris. Full form of TIA is “Transient Ischemic Attack“. It may last up to 5 minutes and after that symptoms get better. But TIA can be the first sign of having a great risk of full blown attack.Don’t  neglect it.

Most Probable Causes/Risk Factors

There are so many probable causes. The major risk factors are given below:

High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure have a massive risk. This creates an excessive pressure by which the vessel walls can be damaged or burst and leak blood in your brain. Uncontrollable pressure may cause death from stroke.


Experts confirm from their recent report that smoking increases the high risk. Nicotine raises the pressure in your blood flow or helps to create fatty build ups. It decreases the oxygen level and your brain cells may damage because of lack of oxygen. Smoking is considered as a major reason.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol raises blood pressure. Drinking too much alcohol can be fatal as it raises the risk more. This can cause sudden death too.


People with diabetes often have high blood pressure as well. On the other hand, they lack immunity. So the risk increases. They can face a sudden attack with a low immunity which can be dangerous.

Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptives have a great impact on hormone level which can lead to stroke. Constant changes in hormone level can increase the risk.

Heart Diseases

People with heart disease mostly have high LDL and fatty build ups in the way of blood flow. This is one of the major reasons for death from stroke.

Bad Cholesterol

LDL thickens or hardens your artery by creating fatty plaque. These build ups lower the blood flow to the brain and if the flow gets clogged somehow because of fatty build ups, then stroke happens.

Irregular Heartbeats

Abnormal heart rhythm is dangerous and a high risk factor. Often there is a lack of oxygen and the beats keep changing the rhythm which is not a good sign.


Every year this medical condition causes death or disability to lots of people for the rest of their life. So you must know the causes of stroke and prevent it. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the risk factors that we have given here.

Hope this article will help you to be aware of the causes and major risk factors properly . Keep conscious and have a good day!