Easy And Simple Top 10 Strong Hair Growth Tips

Top 10 Strong Hair Growth Tips

Shedding is one of the major problems nowadays. Both men and women are facing this. Weak hair often falls and thickness lessens. To get a strong and smooth outcome, we always try random things knowing or unknowing about the outcome. Follow our top 10 strong hair growth tips to explore the magical change.

This is the part of your body which has a quickly growing ability. You look beautiful when you have shiny, smooth and healthy ones. We always admire long ends. But it doesn’t grow that fast. There are many ways and tips to grow it quickly and protect it from damage. Dust, pollution and our carelessness damage the ends and it does not get proper nutrition if we do not intake enough nutritious food in our daily meal. This way it cannot grow in a perfect range and sheds a lot. Excessive shedding becomes an obstacle against healthy growth.

To protect from shedding and keep the growth speedy, explore and try our tips from this article. Some tips are given below:

1. Don’t Apply Excessive Shampoo

Excessive shedding weakens from the root. Some people think that our hair gets dirty by the pollution and for this they use shampoo daily. It is totally wrong thinking. Using excessive shampoo or doing shampoo daily is harmful and may cause damage. Use shampoo only 2-3 times a week. If you work in a highly polluted area, you can use a scarf to protect from absorbing the dirt.

2. Comb Regularly

Combing is a daily thing to do. Otherwise they will be messy and cling to each other which will lead to unnecessary breakage. Brushing improves the blood circulation and helps the roots to get enough oxygen which is necessary for a healthy growth.

On the other hand, if you comb regularly, they will not be messy and lessen the chance of breakage.

3. Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils are so effective and they help to nourish your hair from the root. There are so many essential oils such as jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil, pumpkin seed oil etc. Using them is not only important for nourishment but also effective for blood circulation. These oils work on the roots and provide essential elements that are needed for faster growth.

4. Know When to Trim

Frequent trimming helps to get rid of damaged edges which makes the growth fast. Damaged rough ends are obstacles in the growth process. So it can not grow at the speed it should.

With tricks you can make it lengthy and strong. When you trim the broken or damaged ends, the new ends get the chance to grow in a healthy way without the obstacle.

5. Pour Normal distill Water

As a citizen of the USA, you are most likely to use warm water when having a bath and it’s normal. But when washing, use cool tempered water or normal tempered water. Because warm water is not good for the scalp.

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet keeps you  fit and strong. It’s not always about caring for your hair from outside. You have to provide nutrition from inside and for that you need to maintain a proper nutritious diet. Boost your nutrition chart and intake more and more protein. Caffeine infused products also help grow them quickly.

7. Eat Proper Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are not only important for your body fitness but also important  for your hair. Make sure that you are eating enough Vitamin-A,C,E, iron, zinc etc in your regular meal. They will fulfill the lackness of nutrition’s and ensure quick growth.

8. Get Scalp Massage

Massage on the scalp works like magic. Oil nourishes  them and hydrates a little bit. Choose essential oils, almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil whichever you want.

The massage will strengthen the roots and regulate even circulation on the nerves that helps in perfect growth. It will also give you comfort and release your stress. When you are under stress, it lessens the growth rate. So releasing your stress is also important.

9. Keep your Body Hydrated

Dehydration is another obstacle that works against proper growth. It is essential for you to know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated.

Have enough water all day long. Don’t avoid this point. When the body becomes dehydrated, the scalp also becomes dry and rough which leads to hair shedding and damage.

10. Avoid Rough Coloring

Usually colors contain bleach and other harmful chemicals. You may have a wish to color or dye a favorite color. But don’t use cheap colors and don’t bleach too much to make pure blond.

Bleach is a strong product and it can damage a lot. It’s better to avoid colors but even if you are coloring your hair, use quality products. Don’t forget to have a nourishing spa after coloring.

Wrap Up

Strong and soft hair makes the mood instantly. It is the dream of a thousand girls to have beautiful shiny, lengthy patterns. Try our incredible top 10 strong hair growth tips and provide feedback. Hope you will find them helpful and be benefited. Have a good day!