Top 7 Health Insurance Companies In USA

Top 7 Health Insurance Companies In USA

No one knows when an accident will end his life or make disable. So we all need a trustable health insurance company where we can rely and start a new journey without worries. Here we have enlisted top health insurance companies in USA on which you can trust and rely undoubtedly. These insurance providers are providing billions of dollars to their clients. Let’s have a look at the top chart of the insurance companies you can rely on completely.

1. United Health

It is an American multinational managed healthcare and insurance provider which is incorporated by UnitedHealth Group and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This is the best insurance organization in the USA. It was founded in January, 1977. Their stock price and revenue is highly impressive. This group serves through two instinct platforms. It serves clients and consumers in the US and more than 130 other countries. United Health group provides a huge benefit and advanced technology based services. This group has around 1.2 trillion investment yearly on technology and innovation.

2. Elevance Health

‘Elevate’ and ‘Advance’ brought up a revolution and the name is ‘Elevance’. This company and insurance is helping about 119 million people in the US and continuing as a lifetime trusted partner. It is working as a digital platform with industry leading capabilities.

Now it is serving 100,000 people and improving day by day. Elevance  company was founded in 1944. This company has 136.9 billion dollars in revenue. Former name of the company was Anthem insurance, Inc.

3. Kaiser Family Foundation

It is a non-profit organization in the US. This foundation has an important role in global health policy. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation was established in 1948. This organization provides healthcare support in cardiology, nephrology, dermatology, oncology, allergy, audiology, hospice, laboratory, pain management, occupational therapy, pediatric rehabilitation, pharmacy service etc. Direct written premium of Kaiser Foundation is $104.2 billion.

4. Centene Corporation

It is a publicly traded and managed care company. This organization  offers privately insured and government sponsored programmers. Foundation of this company was in 1984.

This company provides many insurance programs, life and health management, dental care, in-home health services, pharmacy benefits management, telehealth services, foster care and long term care etc.

5. Humana Inc.

This is a for-profit American health insurance provider  and the third largest health insurance provider in the US. The company operates Healthcare services, group and specialty and retail segments. These segments provide products sold on a retail basis including medical and supplemental benefit plans like Medicare and Medicaid contracts.

6. CVS

It is an American healthcare company. This company owns CVS pharmacy, a retail pharmacy chain, insurance provider, CVS Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager and Aetna. CVS is trying to improve the health of communities across America by managing chronic diseases, staying dedicated with their medication and providing low cost medical services in a convenient way.

7. Health Care Service Corporation

This is a member-owned health insurance company. Former name of this company was ‘Hospital service corporation’. It was founded in 1936. Now it is the fifth largest health insurer in the US and provides various care management and wellness resources. It is serving 17 million people with high quality and low cost facilities.

Wrap Up

There are lots of companies providing beneficial care services considering the needs of people in the US. Our list of top health insurance companies in USA will help you to choose and rely on the right one. Hope this article will be useful to you. Have a good day!